• Hayley Nicole


Put your seatbelt on my queens, we’ve got the most notorious, full moon eclipse of 2018, during Mercury Retrograde on our hands. This particular full moon falls on the 28th of July at 6:20am, Sydney time. She is sitting within one degree of the karmic South Node, amongst the Aquarian constellation, during the sassy Leo season. This is a time all about releasing baggage & fears from your past to overcome the issues that are blocking you from reaching your full potential. Brace yourself for some intense emotions, possible anger, mild frustrations and even feeling ready to cut ties with the things that have been bothering you. Instead of taking it out on everyone like an asshole, channel that energy into action towards manifesting a prosperous future for yourself. Consciously organise your space, your schedule and your commitments. Less is more for this period, and making space for magical possibilities to emerge is the best way to go about it x

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