• Hayley Nicole


Get excited trippers! From the 8th of August until the 7th of January 2019 (AEST); the creative rebel Uranus jumps in on the planetary, back-peddle-party that most refer to as retrograde. Before we shit the bed with fear & suspicion of retrograde itself, lemme shed a little light on this cosmic affair & throw some insight on what we may potentially experience or encounter.

First things first, Uranus is a highly intuitive planet commonly associated with technology, originality, discovery and all things progressive. This planet is the forward-looking, artistic, bad ass of our solar system; with a feisty rebellion towards conventional, well...everything.

Uranus in retrograde will affect some people more than others, so put your understanding pants on. It all depends on the individual’s birth chart. Some may be prone to erratic and impulsive urges in regards to love and/or finances. You might find yourself or others being short, detached, anxious, agitated, disruptive, unreliable and even rebellious. Your patience will be tested and it’ll be up to you to get a handle on your reactions to shit.

An open-minded approach with a splash of compassion will attract all the creative breakthroughs & uplifting experiences you could dream of throughout this period. Harness some of that planetary influence by getting on top of your intuition. It is the perfect time to begin a new creative venture or finally get into the things that bring you bliss! Even if it means you have to find a new way to pull it off or try new techniques to get things rolling. This is the golden age for creative self-expression!

Stir that shit up! Xx


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