• Hayley Nicole


This particular new moon eclipse falls on August 11 at 7:57pm (AEST). She’ll be cosmo-chillin’ in flawless alignment with the North Node; a crucial sign to trust your intuition, those inner vibes & most of all, your damn self. What’s more, this compelling new moon has pleasantly perched herself in celestial Leo-land; smack-bang in the season & its constellation!

As a result of this charismatic double whammy, any recent ventures or projects you’ve set in motion may swiftly take priority in your life, or alternatively, you might land an offer to step up to a leadership role of some nature!

Go for the one that straight-up resonates with your soul and remember to trust your senses. ALL OF ‘EM. With the OG planet of instinct, Uranus just creeping into retrograde, having mad confidence in your gut feels is no bullshit (or coincidence) right now. Pay attention to yourself. Even when you think you don’t know what’s up, you know what’s up, ok.

Unearth & fine tune the most genuine and meaningful opportunity for your inner and external self to flippin’ flourish. Then your balanced-ass can run amuck without a worry in the world, doing whatever it is you get off on x


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