• Hayley Nicole


Sort your intentions out lovers; this full moon is not to be slept on! She rises at 9.46pm on August 26th (AEST) in the midst of the dreamy Piscean constellation, during the oh-so humble Virgo season!

This sweet, sweet moon encourages visualization along with dreaming and manifestation; the energy might even motivate you to pursue a feeling or aspiration. This is our one-off chance this year to sink into our deepest imagination and dream up a different but improved reality.

There is a ridiculous amount of focused, universal energy behind times like this, so get your vibe right. Consider the elements of your desired life that you wish to manifest in your real life; speak of them with positive certainty and an already grateful heart.

The dynamic kite-shaped pattern of this full moon, Saturn & Uranus suggests that there are some welcome and exciting changes just on the horizon.

Don't jack it up with a shitty attitude, embrace them good vibes & set your intentions for the next month with all that love!


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