• Hayley Nicole


Put your helmets on trippers we’ve got a Virgo fuelled New Moon on the horizon! Not only is this New Moon during Virgo season, but it is also cosmo-chillin’ in Virgo’s constellation! She’s here to shed light on the best ways to organise & bring order to your life on September 10th at 4:01am (AEST).

Analysing your shit at this time will reeeeally pay off! Easy solutions will come up to conquer all of those multifaceted matters that have had you jaded for the last few weeks. The best thing for you to do is to pay attention to the nitty gritty & get familiar with the specifics of all of your affairs, before going balls deep (so to speak) into ANYTHING.

Jupiter and Pluto are doing the tango towards highlighting the possibility of significant adjustment, so don’t ignore their signs or be fearful of change. There may be an opportunity that’s well and truly worth your while waiting for you. Or you may even connect with that true power of yours.

Venus and Uranus are head butting their energies to bring sparks back to old, dusty relationships; and on the dating front, romance will be exciting yet unpredictable!


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