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Venus, the ruler of all things pretty, loving, compassionate & harmonious has decided to give the reverse celestial Cha-Cha a bash! 

From October 6th through to November 16th this big, beautiful planet will be playing the "time to reassess your shit" card & might just smash ya for six. Whether you end up being the batter or the baller is up to you, your perspective & how you handle your biz. 

Both positive and negative energies are amplified during this time & some will cop certain vibes more than others. So as always, be understanding with your interactions.

This phase is predominantly based around what & who you value & appreciate. It is THE most perfect & necessary time to heal blockages or problems in your personal and romantic relationships. Finding that sweet, sweet balance is key here kids! Looking at your situation from an outsiders perspective will help you gain clarity on these issues & shed light on how to mend them. The spontaneous energy of this particular retrograde may have some of you diving into a frivolous, sexual adventure. However it is wise to step back & reconsider it all until Venus goes direct again, my loves. 

If you do find yourself amongst risqué rendezvous, be careful not to fall head over heels or get in too deep! You may end up in an undesirable romantic position once Venus does go direct & that party might not be the pants-off kind that it was before.  

Another thing to keep on top of for Venus Retrograde is your spending habits! Before making any big purchases or going on shopping sprees make sure you check your budget & savings first! Ask yourself & be honest with whether you absolutely need that "whatever" right now. It could be wiser to wait it out, a sale or something better may be just around the corner. Or alternatively you could end up needing the money for other important things that may have slipped your mind.

In a nutshell, Venus Retrograde is designed to help us build better connections with one another. Re-evaluate what doesn't sit right & address the complications with kindness in order to restore harmony to (or harmoniously end) an unbalanced relationship.

Good luck lovers! 💜

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