• Hayley Nicole


Put your seatbelts, helmets & your knee pads on trippers! We’ve got quite the planetary shit show coming up for this next Full Moon in Taurus during skanky Scorpio season. Treat it like a jack in the box with a glitch, hey. This celestial bby stirs up her fun bullshit October 25th at 3:45am (AEST) AND there’s a fixed cross between Venus, Uranus & the Karmic Nodes at the same damn time. FUN! If you don’t know what’s up with Venus & Uranus, suss my older blogs, they’ll sort ya ;)

So in a nutshell this full moon jazz ain’t all that bad, but I like to prepare ya’ll for potentials, hahah. It’s all about sorting your shit out, surprise, surprise! This sequence of planetary alignment highlights how the different aspects of your life are linked and how they (should) all work harmoniously together. Got lack of progress lingering in your life? Or even mild frustrations building up to resentment? FIX THAT SHIT. How many moons is it gonna take for you to grow a pair of whatever & make a change? Sort your boundaries to create nicer experiences in your life, it’ll feel amazing my dears & be oh-so worth your time.

Taurean Full Moons generally promote stability, along with throwing sexy energy in your face, but with Uranus notoriously tossing a stick in ya bike wheel, anything & EVERYTHING is possible with this one. Make it a prosperous outcome by aligning with your true self & focusing on all the the good-good in your life. Enterprising dreams may explode & come together faster than you could imagine. You may even feel the need to switch up your routine in regards to food, love, health, style or romantic sitches. Go for gold trippers!

Big love!


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