• Hayley Nicole


Put your dang fruit hat on & make like a filthy party animal, lovers! There’s a frivolous Full Moon in Gemini on November 23rd at 4.39pm (AEST) that you’re gonna wanna know about!

She is here to throw encouraging vibes of socialising & networking, so GET OUT THERE! Go talk to that cute human by the bar, show up to that party, smile at that stranger! Whatever!

Juuust keep in mind that Mercury is in retrograde & is the ruler of this Full Moon too, so some things may get a bit “how’s it going?” so to speak.

However, big ol’ Jupiter is out there watering it down a bit with helpful influences & refocused energy towards your intentions.

Keep a handle on your shit in terms of stressful situations if they arise, quick shifts & change of plans are a potential with Mars creepin’ on this Full Moon. So try your best to focus on the big picture, embrace the adjustments & flow with life.

The light-hearted energy of this Full Moon is here to help you move your life forward, even if it is a little hectic or confusing. It’s up to you to make it fun!

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