• Hayley Nicole


We have a magnificently marvellous New Moon in Scorpio upon us this week my Trippers! On November 8th at 3:01am (AEST) she will be gracing us with vibes of freedom, inspired action & a new found drive towards honouring & OWNING your true passions!

How lovely is that!

With Mars as ruler of this Scorpio fuelled Moon, expect a smack in the face that consists of focus, plans and people that will help you align with your deepest desires.

There is guaranteed growth & expansion in the air here; especially surrounding those goals you’ve been working your ass off for all damn year. Mars & Uranus will be dancing together behind the scenes of this New Moon too, which will shed light on self-determination.

A freedom you’ve slept on or not experienced in a while is within arm’s reach once again! Wake up & go for it with your heart & soul like you’ve got nothing to lose, ‘cause you literally don’t.



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