• Hayley Nicole


Bravo bitches! It’s the final Full Moon of 2018! We’ve made it to the end of another glorious year!

This Full Moon is lunging into the heavens with some wholesome Cancerian energy on December 23rd at 4:48am (AEST). Bringing vibes that are all about spending time with loved ones, getting rowdy with traditions and doing the things that soothe your soul.

This Full Moon also falls on Solstice, suggesting that the next three months will have everything to do with finding balance & restoring harmony to our personal & professional lives.

With Mercury & Jupiter working their magic in the background of Sagittarius; ideas, dreams & upcoming plans may be hashed out.

On the other hand Venus is dancing in Scorpio while vibing off of Neptune, generating a kind-hearted & trustworthy influence over the cosmos.

You might even end up on the forgiveness train, or find it somewhat easier to release stagnant energy from past traumas that have held you back. All in all this is a golden time to surround yourself with those who are & those who feel like family.

Big love all!


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