• Hayley Nicole


Get those brains beaming with positive intentions, fellow astro-stalkers! We’re cracking 2019 open with an inspiring New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn, Sunday January 6th at 12:28pm (AEST). 

This celestial queen is here to shed light on the aspirations, goals and professional plans that you’ve mapped out for your long term future. Helping you identify what you need to release or break free from in order to accomplish those dreams with ease & grace. 

⭐ Future success is of the utmost importance here, not short term fulfilment!

So make sure you’re not fuckin’ around with your days & do something towards creating success for your tomorrow, every damn day (even if it’s one tiny thing). 

With moon ruler Saturn floating in Capricorn & Pluto chillin nearby, potential changes and profound transformations are on the cards, my loves. 

Throw your precious time and energy towards those aspirations, goals and professional plans before you go to exhaust yourself with diabolical distractions.

Shit yeah 👍 What a wise way to begin 2019 ❤


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