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Also known as the “Atlantis Stone” for its watery glory, Larimar is a young stone in the crystal world only discovered in 1916 and named much later in 1974. These deep-blue, ocean-like beauties are solely found in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean and still aren’t fully understood metaphysically due to their recent arrival in the mineral realm. What is known however, is that Larimar is the stone of pure serenity, promoting relaxation and tranquil energy to one’s life while dispelling anxieties, worrires and stress. It is even said to bring incredible luck with soulmate searching and financial gains. These stones encourage great wisdom, clear communication, confidence in expression, emotional healing, inner growth and universal understanding. Larimar will illuminate any patterns of self-sabotage and help you overcome such tendencies with enlightened efficiency. During times of change or periods of uncertainty, this stone will bring a strong sense of acceptance and ease, restoring balance and peace within your soul. These gemstones are also known to assist in breaking the unhealthy bonds that do not serve you on your path to your highest good, providing protection against any form of manipulation.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a beautiful stone known to build confidence, inspire motivation for success and boost yo' hustle towards achieving the goals and aspirations of your dreams. These gems are said to enhance prosperity, intuition, manifestation, willpower, courage, perseverance, creativity and all things psychic. Wearing Tiger's Eye or keeping it in a close proximity to you will restore the harmony, balance and positivity to your life AND provide you with the bright perspective, mental clarity, emotional balance and grounding alignment that you need to move forward. These stones help with releasing anxieties, fears, emotional clouds, feelings of lack, scattered energy, negative vibes and even spark a sense of ultimate peace during times of hectic change. Historically, Tiger’s Eye was worn as an amulet of protection for unwanted energy, ill-wishes and in particular, curses. To this day, these gemstones remain widely sought after for the same purpose and work a charm.

Apache Gold

Apache Gold or Healer’s Gold is a mystical mineral amalgamation comprised of Pyrite and Magnetite. As stones of pure guidance, support, acceptance and manifestation, Apache Gold will help you let go of your shit and dispel any unconstructive feelings of emptiness, indecisiveness and negativity. With a deep connection to the grounding energy of the Earth, Apache Gold will harmoniously align the spiritual, physical and etheric energies within you. These beautiful gems are packed with vibes of positivity, peace, wisdom, confidence, creativity and balance. Also known as Healer’s Gold, these gems will support your wellbeing and prevent you from feeling drained or burnt out when it comes to helping others heal. In high energy-exchange environments, Apache Gold will clear negative vibes and fully protect your personal power. Often referred as “The Calling Stone” these gemstones encourage you to trust your intuition and even allow you to perceive the inner voice of all other beings. With such a deep bond to higher realms, having Apache Gold around you will help you recognise your true purpose and potential in life.


Known as the “Stone of Wellbeing,” these highly sacred, bright, beautiful gems will assist you in opening your heart, mind and soul. Turquoise is famous for clearing thoughts, assisting in communication (speaking straight from your soul), soothing emotional/spiritual stress, dispelling anxieties, eliminating exhaustion and discovering deeper awareness of oneself.They will help you find your focus and purpose in this current life chapter, giving you the inner wisdom & crafty problem solving skills necessary to get on that prosperity train. These pretty gems are also known to help drive out negative energy and protect you from shitty influences in your life. I hear they’re like winning the jackpot on the pokes. Not only that but they’re blue as hell, which I’m all about.


These gorgeous green gems are all about unconditional love, releasing emotional trauma, restoring peace and grounding excessive energy. It will basically push you through the spiritual growth door and increase all things intuition. Prehnite is also well known to “heal the healer” & keep you from taking on any heavy energy you encounter throughout the day. If you’re an empath or work in a high energy exchange industry, this stone is a must! Keeping a piece on you during times of continuous change or transformation will help you deal with any uneasy feels & make it easier to see the good in every situation. It will assist with focusing on the task at hand when your mind is all over the place & remind you to stay the present moment. Prehnite is also famous for dream recall and eliminating neverending nightmares.


These gorgeous stones are protective little beings & are known to enhance energy of all kinds! They bring happiness, inspiration, prosperity, compassion, serenity, tolerance & strength to one’s life. Assisting in building self confidence, positive transformation and balancing the chakras, Tourmaline will cleanse the aura of negative vibes, release tension, dispel paranoia, banish fears, remove blockages & provide emotional stability. On top of that, these gems will bridge the physical world with the spiritual, along with helping one to understand themselves & others on a deeper level.

Black Tourmaline

These powerful bby’s are THE master of repelling and protecting against negative bs! Not only do they absorb the shitty energy, they transform it into positivity! They enhance physical well being, thought patterns, increase vitality & provide intellectual acuity. Black Tourmaline is also capable of sending psychic attacks back to whoever sent them. These grounding gems can also work as a mental detox, making one more alert, energetic & motivated.

Pink Tourmaline

Also known as Rubellite, these affectionate little gems are renowned for encouraging spirituality, compassion & gentleness during times of growth, change or adjustment. Pink tourmaline has the ability to relieve stress, worries or anxieties and is an excellent stone for providing comfort to those who have suffered any form of abuse. As a strong supporter of wellbeing, these stones will transmute guilt and depression into self love, as well as help one move away from emotional extremes.

Tourmalinated Quartz

These stones are a combination of Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline formed into one. Tourmalinated Quartz eliminates destructive patterns, dispels self sabotage and helps identify the source of any stress. These gems will restore peace and harmony by providing balance, wisdom, serenity, protection & gratitude to the wearer. Tourmalinated Quartz amplifies all energy sent your way & can even act as a mirror spell by throwing negative vibes back to the sender, or alternatively by transmuting it into something beneficial for you. Sorcery, for real! These stones are also known for sprinkling a bit of luck on professional & business journeys by bringing you & your head back to the moment.


In my opinion, I consider Carnelian the gem of heart-warming goodness, trusted intuition & individual creativity. These sweet orange angels provide emotional warmth, harmony, courage, happiness and heightened self esteem to the wearer. As a stabilizing stone, Carnelian is known to restore vitality, spark sociability, aid concentration, motivate for success, promote positive life choices and stimulate sexual energy.


These metallic wonders of the water world are all about attuning the wearer to the ebb & flow of life! Having a strong connection to the Divine Feminine Energy of the universe, Pearls bring stability, sincerity, calming reflection and emotional balance to the wearer. With the lunar influence surrounding these minerals, spiritual guidance & channelling wisdom will be at your fingertips creating clarity, assurance and integrity. Pearls are also known to dispel headaches, alleviate hypertension & eliminate exhaustion!


Welcome to the stone of inspiration, ambition & fully loaded manifestation! Apatite is the pretty blue stone you’re gonna want all up in your pockets if you are FOR REAL about manifesting your goals into a really real, reality. These gems will sort out your chakras, bring out yo’ inner extrovert, clear any feelings of alienation or uncertainty and is an incredible pebble of clarity for those who study & people in business management positions! Apatite has been known to heal bones, aid in weight loss, sort out calcium absorption, relieve arthritis, help conquer hypertension and straight up balance the body by clearing out cluttered energies. All in all, having this stone around will amplify your motivation, stimulate that inner creativity and tickle your intellectual side.


Never heard of such a stone? Same hey (until now anyway). Turns out, Gabbro is one of the most intriguing little gem’s I’ve ever (not) heard of. But with a pet name like “wise soul,” who wouldn’t want a piece of this glorious stone in their life? The most significant wisdom this gemstone emits; is that even the greatest beauty you can come across in your life can be masked with darkness & mystery (don’t be shy of that shit). It’ll stir up the shady side of your soul and illustrate how these dark aspects (old memories and past patterns) have contributed to your biggest motivations, and how they interweave with your highest self. In doing all this, Gabbro systematically heals any excessive darkness within you and encourages you to act with enlightened intention. This grounding stone expands knowledge, assists with changes, supports psychic and spiritual development, provides insight, attracts clear messages in your dreams & meditations, is a wonderful stone for connecting with your higher consciousness and will also help dig up & deal with deep-rooted issues of your innermost self with strength, love & courage. In addition, Gabbro assists dominant personalities in keeping a handle on their emotions, by giving them the reality check that they need to avoid pushing loved ones away. A perfect crystal addition to our Strippy Treasure Collection. This particular gem is from Madagascar.

Chevron Amethyst

Say what-up to the broken heart healer, lovers. These blissful stones are a radical lucky dip of White Quartz and Amethyst; commonly known to bring wisdom, clarity & peace of mind. Not only does Chevron Amethyst help you discover the answers to your questions; it will also support stress-relief, guide shamanic journeys, promote self-discovery, inspire spiritual growth, bring tranquillity, enhance intuition, cleanse your aura and amplify psychic abilities. Moreover, this remarkable stone will intensify the power behind magical manifestations, reinforce visualisation, provide protection from negativity, sort addictive tendencies and habits, straight-up destroy laziness, dispel co-dependency and eliminate procrastination. Whether you are seeking fresh opportunities, looking to deepen your creativity, or simply enrich your life experience; this is the best crystal to embark on your personal adventure with.

Aqua Aura Quartz

Known as the stone of success & abundance, Aqua Aura Quartz is a powerful little gem that attracts prosperity. Helping you to understand what you need to do, in order to accomplish your goals in life. This happy, high-energy stone will assist in emotional healing, spiritual growth, aligning the chakras, stress relief, gaining mental clarity, balancing emotions and enhancing communication & telepathy. On the meditation side of things, this stone can be very useful for your spiritual journey; as it heals any negative vibes in your auric field & is wonderful for reaching a deep state of peace and serenity. In a nutshell, Aqua Aura will heal, activate, and ground your body, mind & spirit, while inspiring you to accomplish some prosperous & abundant life jazz. This particular gem is of Brazilian origin.


Charoite is a protective soul stone known for physical & emotional healing, assisting in transformations, calming the nerves & bringing balance to your life. This gemstone is big on spontaneous adventure, so naturally, it radiates encouraging energy that reminds us to live in the now, get amongst unforgettable moments, and let go of the past. Charoite also provides insight, protection, emotional support, inspiration and uplifting energies to every aspect of your life. Meditating with this stone will help you harness your personal power, elevate your vibrations and realise that you are capable of achieving crazy-cool things.

Clear Quartz

(Photo: Aqua Aura & Clear Quartz necklaces)

Clear Quartz is a high vibration stone that could easily be considered one of the all-round, good guy’s of the crystal world. Known as “master healing crystals,” Clear Quartz absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy of all kinds. These crystals are known to boost thoughts, assist memory recall, align chakras, neutralise electromagnetic smog, enhance psychic abilities, bring harmony and create mental clarity. In addition, Clear Quartz is famous for amplifying the properties of other stones (when worn or paired with), and is a wonderful tool for meditation. This particular gem is of Chinese origin.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a wonderful grounding stone that is amazing to have around during those notorious Mercury Retrograde cycles. These pretty gemstones bring serenity, protection, calmness, stability, practicality and positivity to your life. Smoky Quartz stones are also known for their ability to lift depression, relieve anxiety, dispel fears, influence positive thoughts and enhance intuition.

Rose Quartz

Welcome to the stone of self-love, family love, platonic love, romantic love and unconditional love! Love, love, love! Rose Quartz will help you get amongst it, see it, feel it, give it, create it and embrace it like you dropped mdma at a bush doof. Known as the “Love Stone,” this charming, high energy crystal brings joy, warmth, emotional healing, forgiveness, compassion, peace and happiness to all aspects of your life. Not only will it sort you out, Rose Quartz emits strong, loving vibes to those who you are closest to as well. This gorgeous gemstone enables us to see the good in others & ourselves, and can dispel bad energy such as jealousy, insecurities, fears, intrusion, anxiety and gossip.

Blue Opalite Jasper

This mysterious stone is believed to be a form of Jasper flecked with blue Opalite. The qualities of this stone support emotional healing, strength, creativity, inspiration and insight along with promoting inner peace, clarity and alignment. Opalite Jasper also aids in sexual prowess, enhanced sexual experience, dispelling energy blockages, assisting with transitions, overcoming fatigue and stabilising mood swings. This energetic stone is ideal for meditation and improving communication on all levels, including the spiritual. This particular gem is of Chinese origin.


Labradorite is a magical, colour bomb of protection against negative energy. As a stone of transformation, Labradorite encourages you to be the person you are truly destined to be by removing all habits, thoughts and feelings that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. This stone supports psychic abilities, intuition, spiritual focus, courage, strength & willpower and works wonders for relieving anxiety & stress. Also known as “The Luck Stone,” Labradorite will attract good fortune, success and abundance (with a side of serendipity) to your life. Get ready for a bunch of coincidences & almost always being in the right place at the right time, ‘cause the synchronising energy of this gemstone is straight up freaky. This particular treasure comes from Jaipur, India.


Moonstone is a gem of celestial guidance, and is connected to the “Divine Feminine” with a strong bond to the spiritual world. It is well-known for assisting in love, travel, nurturing energy, romance, protection, lifting spirits, removing anger and guiding one through tough times. Moonstone will encourage you to believe in your worth, help you see all the possibilities that are before you and is especially handy for those who have a hard time connecting with their emotions or handling emotional situations. This particular treasure comes from Jaipur, India.


This green ray of sunshine is all about self independence, self love & self acceptance! It is a fantastic aid for self-healing & all you pro-healers out there. The beautiful energy of Chrysoprase promotes joy, freedom and happiness. It dispels any fears, anxieties or depressing vibes and turns that stagnant, jacked up energy into hope & optimism. Being a predominant heart chakra stone, Chrysoprase also assists in forgiveness & compassion towards yourself & other people. IT HELPS YOU HEAL! It helps you align with your “Divine Truth” & happily hopscotch down the easiest & most heartwarming, abundant life path (like it was already perfectly sketched on the pavement for your big ass feet!) These particular gems come from Maryborough in QLD, Australia! Mm specifics ;)


Named after the highest order of the angels for it’s feathery features, Seraphinite is a harmonious stone of unwavering enlightenment. Widely sought after for its healing energy, spiritual insight and clairaudience properties, Seraphinite will not only open, but heighten the senses, aid communication with nature spirits and even build strength in the bonds with your spirit guides. It is known to clear the aura of any blockages, enhance intuition, dispel toxic thoughts, lift low emotions, improve social skills, inspire better relationships, support decision making, and encourage positive reactions. These lovely stones also hold a strong connection to Divine Realm, bringing about a profound awareness and deeper understanding of it’s existence. As a stone of such harmony, fulfilment, balance and spiritual growth, Seraphinite will establish serenity in your life, encourage you to live from the heart and guide you towards aligning with your true purpose. It is also said to surround any feelings of depression with uplifting energy and even help you identify the necessary changes needed to see that sweet sunshine again!

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