• Hayley Nicole


Put your peace pants on Trippers! The first Leo-fuelled Full Moon Eclipse is taking place on Monday 21st at 4:16pm (AEST).

Emphasizing leadership & creative prowess, this particular Moon may also, however, shake up some shit in relation to the truth behind a certain issue in your life.

Lippy outbursts & emotional breakthroughs are a big ol’ potential during this time & with fully flamin’ Leo leading the way, drama may surface out of nowhere.

In order to prevent your sunshine from being shat on by dramatic people or situations, a calm approach to conversation or calling out inconsistencies is wisest for the time being.

Mercury & Pluto will join forces leading up to this Moon, helping you to clarify, de-clutter & focus on your predominant aspirations.

Additionally, there will be a high possibility for collaboration in the air with Venus and Jupiter mutually chillin’ in Sagittarius! Particularly for those who are able to rise above past fears & let go of emotional baggage.

As hectic as this Full Moon might seem, it could turn out to be the slap in the chops you need to figure out where you really want to go in life. Who knows ;)


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