• Hayley Nicole


Hang on to ya hat, Trippers! There’s an insightful New Moon in Aquarius brewing for the 5th of February around 8:03am! (AEST) This baby is gonna melt your brain with ideas, thoughts & all sorts of inspiring jazz!

Now look, just because this Moon is tossing all kinds of creative mind candy around, doesn’t mean you should pursue EVERY little idea that pops into your head.

Give yourself a minute. This shit is about de-cluttering your headspace in order to make pristine decisions with creative clarity.

Stumbling upon like minded individuals with similar perspectives to yours is a fun potential for this Aquarian New Moon; it may bring new levels of connection to your work life, love life or life life.

Saturn & Neptune will also be out there pulling a sneaky in this celestial setting, giving artistic flow, insane instincts & spiritual enlightenment a tickle! So now is a better time than EVER to fully trust your intuition, any hunches & those persistent feels in your gut.

Be wild man, give it a go.


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