• Hayley Nicole


Hooooley dooley! We’ve got a focused yet messy Full Moon in Virgo sweeping through the night sky on February 20 at 2:53am (AEST). This moon will highlight the almighty fixed star Regulus, exposing secrets to success for those who seek such knowledge.

People who aspire to help others or make a difference in the world will have a predominantly productive time if their focus is firm & vision is clear. While those in any kind of leadership position may experience added achievement & potential.

With Full Moon ruler Mercury in close connection to sensitive Neptune, kind feelings & compassionate vibes may fly out the window, generating discontent all over the place.

Don’t let it catch you off guard, if you’re reading this & feel like shit on the night of the Full Moon, do something to calm your spirits. You know why you’re experiencing those feelings & everyone else will be over their BS before you know it anyway, so why sweat it?

Go get amongst some grounding jazz if you feel a bit overwhelmed; spend your time & energy doing YOU things. Cleanse your aura & shit, everything will be alright x


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