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Take a deep ass breath, my loves! This energetic New Moon in Aries will mark the ACTUAL beginning of 2019 and all it has to offer! She’ll be parking her celestial caboose in the night sky this Friday the 5th of April at 7:50pm (AEST) and will be stirring up all sorts of dandy life jazz.

SO, after being smashed by the skitz, Piscean Retrograde in March, most of us have tackled some shit that was WAY outta wack in our lives and have successfully dealt with it.

Which is why this particular Moon is an especially auspicious time for you to get on top of those aspirations and goals you've been cookin' up with fresh intent.

Vibes of independence will be prominent & may have you riding solo on your lil' projects or goals. Don’t be afraid of mapping out your very own new & improved hopscotch through life, by yourself!

With Mars chilling in Gemini, inquisitive & curious energy may have you gathering information that will help amplify the motivation towards achieving your dreams.

Get creative about it!

On top of that, Venus, Neptune and Mercury are getting full cozy in Pisces as well! So connections full of bliss & healing light will be abundant. It may even have you acting like a floosy through displaying your affection & support for others.

However with Saturn squaring up to this New Moon, the need for completion, closure and conscious endings with unsavory characters in your life will be emphasized.

Don't leave that shit hangin' 


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