• Hayley Nicole


Get your shit balanced, my loves! We've got a harmonious Full Moon in Libra due to drop April 19th at 9:12pm (AEST) & she's throwing everything relationship in your face!

All types of relationships will be under the radar for this moon, in particular the ones that lack balance and equilibrium. The Libran influence of this Moon will have you on the hunt for harmony, fairness and equality within your bonds.

Calm communication about any issues that block your balance will help clarify your boundaries and heal connections. By all means, be REAL about what needs to be resolved, set that table & sort that shit! But know that handling your feelings in a kind manner will have a much sweeter outcome.

On the other hand, with Venus in Pisces, this could straight up mean the end of a chapter for some. Which is okay! Let them move on and allow YOURSELF to do the same.

Think of it as freeing up emotional space and energy in order to embrace the notorious new-new.

Ya got this xx

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