• Hayley Nicole


Time to take responsibility for yo' actions, trippers! The astrological Daddy of the solar system is about to get amongst the reverse rodeo of Retrograde and start spillin’ some karmic backlash, bitch tea from the 29th of April, right up until the 18th of September 2019...Holy fuck right?


Saturn Retrograde comes as a lil' a chapter of choice and opportunity (often in disguise) for those willing to relentlessly work towards improving their life.

Being the planet of justice, discipline, maturity, karma and structure, Saturn will be on all sorts of missions to inspire life lessons.

The good, the bad, the nasty AND the nuts!

So depending on where your karma & priorities are at, it’ll either bite you in the ass or reward your efforts and achievements.

This period will teach you the values of moderation, caution and taking full accountability for yourself. It is an excellent time to stop and deeply analyze your progress in life thus far.

Get at it and redefine your priorities, limitations and boundaries with clear and conscious intent. Don't be scared to re-vamp your long term goals, reassess your relationships with authority figures and re-view your career path. Really ask yourself "is this shit worth my energy?"

Stay focused on your own jazz!


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