• Hayley Nicole


Ditch the sunnies & call me Slim, ‘cause it’s about to get shady as shit out here. YUP. SHADY. Pretty lil' Pluto will be under the influence of Retrograde from the 24th of April through to October 3rd, 2019.  

Pluto rules everything mysterious, dark and secretive; so naturally, her Retrograde is all about getting to know the shit traits of your shadow self (and most likey, letting 'em loose here + there).

Contemplating the behaviours of your dark side will prompt personal growth and establish vibes of inner transformation. Understanding this part of you will have a deep and profound influence on how you decide to handle your energy in the future.

Unsavoury aspects of your personality are bound to be unleashed at different points during this period. I’m talking about the negative tendencies, the regrets and the shitty thought patterns exposing the truth to your inner dark side.

& it’s solely up to you to tame that fuckery.

Accepting your shady half won’t be a walk in the park. However in order to appreciate this part of your personal puzzle, you’ll have to recognise and acknowledge every lil’ piece that goes with it.

So hop to! 🌹



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