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These gorgeous green gems are all about unconditional love, releasing emotional trauma, restoring peace and grounding excessive energy. It will basically push you through the spiritual growth door and increase all things intuition. Prehnite is also well known to “heal the healer” & keep you from taking on any heavy energy you encounter throughout the day. If you’re an empath or work in a high energy exchange industry, this stone is a must! Keeping a piece on you during times of continuous change or transformation will help you deal with any uneasy feels & make it easier to see the good in every situation. It will assist with focusing on the task at hand when your mind is all over the place & remind you to stay the present moment. Prehnite is also famous for dream recall and eliminating neverending nightmares. Black Tourmaline These powerful bby’s are THE master of repelling and protecting against negative bs! Not only do they absorb the shitty energy, they transform it into positivity! They enhance physical well being, thought patterns, increase vitality & provide intellectual acuity. Black Tourmaline is also capable of sending psychic attacks back to whoever sent them. These grounding gems can also work as a mental detox, making one more alert, energetic & motivated. Tourmaline Quartz These stones are a combination of Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline formed into one. Tourmaline (or Tourmalinated) Quartz eliminates destructive patterns, dispels self sabotage and helps identify the source of any stress. These gems will restore peace and harmony by providing balance, wisdom, serenity, protection & gratitude to the wearer. Tourmaline Quartz amplifies all energy sent your way & can even act as a mirror spell by throwing negative vibes back to the sender, or alternatively by transmuting it into something beneficial for you. Sorcery, for real! These stones are also known for sprinkling a bit of luck on professional & business journeys by bringing you & your head back to the moment.

Smoky Quartz Smoky Quartz is a wonderful grounding stone that is amazing to have around during those notorious Mercury Retrograde cycles. These pretty gemstones bring serenity, protection, calmness, stability, practicality and positivity to your life. Smoky Quartz stones are also known for their ability to lift depression, relieve anxiety, dispel fears, influence positive thoughts and enhance intuition. Labradorite

Labradorite is a magical, colour bomb of protection against negative energy. As a stone of transformation, Labradorite encourages you to be the person you are truly destined to be by removing all habits, thoughts and feelings that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. This stone supports psychic abilities, intuition, spiritual focus, courage, strength & willpower and works wonders for relieving anxiety & stress. Also known as “The Luck Stone,” Labradorite will attract good fortune, success and abundance (with a side of serendipity) to your life. Get ready for a bunch of coincidences & almost always being in the right place at the right time, ‘cause the synchronising energy of this gemstone is straight up freaky. Chrysoprase This green ray of sunshine is all about self independence, self love & self acceptance! It is a fantastic aid for self-healing & all you pro-healers out there. The beautiful energy of Chrysoprase promotes joy, freedom and happiness. It dispels any fears, anxieties or depressing vibes and turns that stagnant, jacked up energy into hope & optimism. Being a predominant heart chakra stone, Chrysoprase also assists in forgiveness & compassion towards yourself & other people. IT HELPS YOU HEAL! It helps you align with your “Divine Truth” & happily hopscotch down the easiest & most heartwarming, abundant life path (like it was already perfectly sketched on the pavement for your big ass feet!) 

Turquoise Known as the “Stone of Wellbeing,” these highly sacred, bright, beautiful gems will assist you in opening your heart, mind and soul. Turquoise is famous for clearing thoughts, assisting in communication (speaking straight from your soul), soothing emotional/spiritual stress, dispelling anxieties, eliminating exhaustion and discovering deeper awareness of oneself.They will help you find your focus and purpose in this current life chapter, giving you the inner wisdom & crafty problem solving skills necessary to get on that prosperity train. These pretty gems are also known to help drive out negative energy and protect you from shitty influences in your life. I hear they’re like winning the jackpot on the pokes. Not only that but they’re blue as hell, which I’m all about. 

Rose Quartz

Welcome to the stone of self-love, family love, platonic love, romantic love and unconditional love! Love, love, love! Rose Quartz will help you get amongst it, see it, feel it, give it, create it and embrace it like you dropped mdma at a bush doof. Known as the “Love Stone,” this charming, high energy crystal brings joy, warmth, emotional healing, forgiveness, compassion, peace and happiness to all aspects of your life. Not only will it sort you out, Rose Quartz emits strong, loving vibes to those who you are closest to as well. This gorgeous gemstone enables us to see the good in others & ourselves, and can dispel bad energy such as jealousy, insecurities, fears, intrusion, anxiety and gossip. 

Aqua Aura Quartz Known as the stone of success & abundance, Aqua Aura Quartz is a powerful little gem that attracts prosperity. Helping you to understand what you need to do, in order to accomplish your goals in life. This happy, high-energy stone will assist in emotional healing, spiritual growth, aligning the chakras, stress relief, gaining mental clarity, balancing emotions and enhancing communication & telepathy. On the meditation side of things, this stone can be very useful for your spiritual journey; as it heals any negative vibes in your auric field & is wonderful for reaching a deep state of peace and serenity. In a nutshell, Aqua Aura will heal, activate, and ground your body, mind & spirit, while inspiring you to accomplish some prosperous & abundant life jazz. Clear Quartz Clear Quartz is a high vibration stone that could easily be considered one of the all-round, good guy’s of the crystal world. Known as “master healing crystals,” Clear Quartz absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy of all kinds. These crystals are known to boost thoughts, assist memory recall, align chakras, neutralise electromagnetic smog, enhance psychic abilities, bring harmony and create mental clarity. In addition, Clear Quartz is famous for amplifying the properties of other stones (when worn or paired with), and is a wonderful tool for meditation.  


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