• Hayley Nicole


Get creative with your intentions, my pretty’s! There’s a New Moon in Taurus this Sunday the 5th of May at 8:45am (AEST) & she’s bringing a big ol’ bag of long-lasting potential & support for new beginnings to the table.

Thinking outside the box and considering all alternatives for opportunities in life is where the wisdom is at with Uranus settling into Taurus during this time.

On the other hand, New Moon ruler Venus will be chilling in Aries, so mapping out your new shit will be much easier to achieve on your own without the added influence or hindrance of other people.

Give yourself the time and space to reeeeally vibe with your intuition and set your aspirations without distraction.

Think of it as a calculated plan of alignment.

Finding balance between being firm, focused and going with the flow will be illuminated by Neptune’s influence on this New Moon. Which all ties in nicely to the redefinition of personal boundaries that Saturn Retrograde has us contemplating.

What a sweet lil’ connection!


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