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Time to tap into the nature of yo’ feelings, my lovelies and not necessarily in a bad way! There’s an intense and emotionally charged Full Moon in Scorpio coming at us on the 19th of May at 7:11am (AEST). This moon brings the possibility of profound emotional breakthroughs for those willing to work on their deep down feels.

You may find yourself questioning previously accepted ideologies, stirring up a big bowl of inner reflection and perspective. Or alternatively you may be drawn to connection and getting to know people on a deeper level in your personal life, work life or love life.

Shit, potentially all three!

Full Moon ruler Mars is hangin’ in Cancer, illuminating the importance of having a safe atmosphere in your home and surrounding yourself with nothing but supportive friends and family.

If that isn’t the case in your current situation, then now’s the time to contemplate the necessary changes needed to create your own peaceful equilibrium. Even if you can’t move to improve your circumstances right now, there are SO many ways to build a blissful sanctuary for yourself in the meantime.

On the romance front, we’ve got Venus, Mars and Uranus working together to ignite new sparks in relationships. Reviving lost energy and adding a bit of oomph to the affection equation.

All in all this Full Moon is one of emotional self-care, connection and re-alignment. Because taking care of your internal self is just as important as looking after your external self.

But hey, none of you need me to tell you that :)


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