• Hayley Nicole


Strap in, trippers! There’s a curious New Moon in Gemini coming at us on the 3rd of June at around 8:01pm (AEST) bringing with her some strong vibes of learning new jazz and prioritising connections with others.

With ruler of this moon Mercury, also chillin’ in Gemini, all sorts of hankerings for new ideas and information may be triggered inside. I’m talking D&M’s with everyone, researching the shit outta shit, taking up some sort of class, etc.

Honour them vibes, get amongst it and let your inquisitive ass run wild (if ya feel it).

However don’t go feeding your pearls to the pigs, so to speak. With all this informative energy flying around you may find the input of others, in regards to your future plans, as complete, undermining BS.

So keep your personal manifestations to yourself, it’s a wise way to protect your energy & achieve your aspirations. If given the chance some people will straight-up, shit on your dreams. Why not avoid it altogether?

Love ya's!



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