• Hayley Nicole


Place your bets & take a chance on life, my loves! We’ve got a risk-rewarding Full Moon in Sagittarius hitting the celestial skies on the 17th of June at around 6:30pm (AEST).

Chilling in close proximity to fortune-filled Jupiter, this moon offers a fistful of opportunities, expansion and inner growth for those willing to do the cha-cha with their comfort zone.

So get OUTTA IT!

That safety blanket you know and love, will legit block you from reaching all them potential potentials during this time. Which is the last thing you need when there’s an abundance of lucky breaks out there.

Coincidentally, being in Sagittarius, this Full Moon encourages the leap of faith required to bust your comfort bubble and embark on spontaneous adventures. Any risky chances you take now will pay off in the future, so don’t be scared of stirring it up!

That being said, there are also a handful of astrological oppositions going down up above. Mercury is teaming up with Mars in Cancer, and Saturn and Pluto are poking that bear.

This could bring a power-struggle to the table, create uneasy communication and even amplify controlling energy. Don’t let it scare or sass you out of your success. Meet in the middle and find some common ground.

I'm talkin' compromise.

These planetary oppositions are divinely in place to remind us of how important listening to different perspectives can be. You will literally learn something new from being slapped in the chops with diverse ideas and opinions.

So it ain’t the actual worst. Learn from it and grow from it. Don’t waste your energy on influencing negativity, there’s enough of that shit out there.

Bring some sunshine to the struggles & focus on the good jazz.


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