• Hayley Nicole


Get ready to navigate the wonders of unfamiliar territory and embrace the myriad of possibilities that come with it, my loves! We’ve got a New Moon Eclipse in Cancer coming at us on the 3rd of July at around 5:16am (AEST) and she’s shuffling into alignment with the karmic North Node!

This particular planetary dance will have many of us on them new-chapter, no-shit vibes. The desire to create a bright new existence and break free from the past will be ignited within your soul.

You may even intuitively part with the safety of your comfort zone, to risk new growth and development in a completely different environment. Embracing the unfamiliar will unlock endless opportunities beyond your imagination, so don’t be shy now.

This is your chance to reach out and get a grip on those long-term dreams that you’ve damn near forgotten about (or gave up on).

Implementing firm boundaries or straight cuttin’ ties with toxic people will facilitate the success in your endeavours towards creating a better life.

Take that trash out & clean up your connections. You don’t need anyone’s envy obstructing your glow-up.

Plus with Uranus chillin’ in Taurus during this time, the support you need to overcome past pain and fears will be prevalent. So don’t sweat it one bit, stay focused on your aspirations.


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