• Hayley Nicole


WHO’S READY TO RELEASE SOME OL’ INNER DEMON’S? Because the intrinsic energy of the upcoming Full Moon Eclipse suggests that you just might be.

The ruckus will commence on the 17th of July at 7:38am (AEST), when la Luna herself not only parks it in Capricorn but also aligns with Saturn, Pluto AND the North Node.

Bringing with her some obsessive cravings to let go of some deep shit, this moon may have you re-playing past experiences over and over in your mind. This might have you feeling a bit spiritually lost or questioning your true purpose in life.

Abandoned dreams may re-emerge, highlighting the importance of keeping in touch with what makes your soul sing. Overcoming such obstacles generally involves the de-cluttering of the physical sanctuary first, it literally shifts your mindset.

Once that is done the de-cluttering of the mind can commence and there you may find your long lost sense of self again. Lighten your load and let go of any mind-mess that may be obstructing potential encounters of abundance.


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