• Hayley Nicole


Buckle up for some full-on love and originality, trippers! Venus is in prime position (known as cazimi) for the upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius that lands on August 15th at 10:29pm (AEST). 

Such a privileged position of this planet in our solar system brings a sparkling new energy of abundance to all things ruled by Venus. I’m talking about love, connection, beauty, art, indulging in little luxuries, etc. 

On the other hand, this Aquarian Moon inspires individuality, encouraging you to let your unique eccentricities loose and reveal your quirky inner charm. 

You may discover a new level of happiness in doing so. 

Even if you think you’re a bit too “freaky” for others, let that flippin’ flag fly regardless! 

The link between Mercury and Uranus during this time may generate mental breakthroughs and establish a whole new way of thinking for many. 

Damn, Leo has some lovely moon’s this season! 

I can’t even deal x

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