• Hayley Nicole


Seasons greetings to all my luxurious Leo bb’s out there! This month kicks off with a confidence-boosting New Moon in Leo on August 1st at 1:11pm (AEST) and she’s out to enhance your inner creative energy!  

With Mercury going direct at the same time, the next two weeks may bring the essential knowledge required to work through any jams that have had you perplexed and unable to move forward with your plans. 

Four additional planets are chilling in Leo during this Moon, so revealing your talents to the world will be supported in numerous ways. 

You might even find yourself conjuring up a new style, look or trend with all this imaginative energy on the loose and added confidence in the air. 

Gets a cookin’ lovelies! 

Tap into the New Moon vibes of creative confidence and stay focused on moving forward with your plans of success and happiness.

Big love all ❤


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