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From the 12th of August until the 1st of January 2020 (AEST); the creative rebel Uranus jumps back on the planetary, back-peddle-party we all know as retrograde.  

Sooo Uranus is a highly intuitive planet commonly associated with technology, originality, discovery and all things progressive. This planet is the forward-looking, artistic, bad-ass of our solar system; with a feisty rebellion towards conventional, well...everything. Uranus in retrograde will affect some of y'alls more than others, so put your understanding pants on.

Some may be prone to erratic and impulsive urges in regards to love and/or finances. You might find yourself or others being short, detached, anxious, agitated, disruptive, unreliable and even rebellious. 

Most likely, your patience will be tested. So keep your perspective in check and get a handle on how you react to things.

An open-minded approach with a splash of compassion will attract an abundance of creative breakthroughs & uplifting experiences. It is the perfect time to begin a new creative venture or finally get into the things that bring you bliss.

This is the golden age for creative self-expression!

Go ham x 

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