• Hayley Nicole


Preheat yo’ mental oven kids, there’s a Virgo-fuelled New Moon gracing our night skies on the 30th of August at approximately 8:37pm (AEST). Not only is this Moon backed by 5 planets chillin’ in Virgo but it’s the second new phase of this month!

Assisting others with support and contribution is a significant aspect of importance here that will bring about a lovely dose of connection and collaboration to all relationships. 

Whether it's with relatives, lovers, friends or co-workers, connecting with other people will be at an all-time high and on a deep-ass level.

Big breakthroughs are written in the stars for those who consider the little things and pay attention to detail during this time as well.

Some of you may be drawn to the concept of inviting a new wellness ritual to your daily routine. 

If you vibe with it, go for it. Why the hell not make the most of improving you, your time and your energy?

Take a minute to review and evaluate any of your plans prior to pouncing on ‘em though, do that Virgo thing they do so well. There may be like, 5 other better or easier ways to get to wherever it is you want to go, hm?


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