• Hayley Nicole


Tuck yo’self in for some deep-ass dreams for this Full Moon in Pisces (and the nights leading up to it), my loves. Coming at us in conjunction with Neptune on September 14th at 2:32pm (AEST), this moon will be serving up some intuitive and emotional visions within the realms of our unconscious adventures.

Some of y’alls will be having suuuch a tiiiime in your sleepy states you’ll wake up with the urge to exaggerate whatever you dreamt and end up on a tangent of talking some complete shit.

Don’t be that guy.

Dream between the lines and figure out the purpose behind it, eh? If you embellish your experience with BS, you may damn well forget what the FLip you dreamt of in the first place and miss the main message.

But enough of my lip, Jupiter will be out there supporting the fiasco by encouraging a sense of journey and discovery. So with all this intuitive energy in the air, don’t be scared to get creative, ditch the schedule and trust your inner direction.

Happy naps fam <3


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