• Hayley Nicole


On SEPTEMBER 29 at 4:26am (AEST) we've got the New Moon in Libra bringing the lip to life and could potentially have some of us on the “taboo” topics train.

I’m talkin’ all things sex, trust, money and drugs. Y’know, everything frowned upon in society, or rare for some to be open about.

The need for tact, healthy debates and keeping the peace within conversation will be illuminated during this time. As will being considerate and kind during the delicate discussions.

Whether you’re the one spilling the tea or the one mopping it up, it is important to remember that everyone is as diverse as their opinions; and it might not/doesn’t have to be the same as yours. Make peace with that and accept others for who they are.

Ooh & happy Libra season, sweet thangs ❤


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