• Hayley Nicole


Time to compose yourself and not rush into anything with yo’ independent ass, m’dears! The Full Moon in Aries is coming our way on the 14th of October at around 8:07am (AEST) and may generate a bit of impatience in our souls.

With Mars in Libra during this time, there will be significance in discussing your gameplan with other people prior to jumping the gun with your decisions. Whether it be your partner in crime, your collegue, your booboo, your mother, WHOEVER; talking it over with someone will gain you a deeper understanding and awareness of how to go about your business with ease and grace.

There’s a certain type of magic that comes with different perspectives. Some bring wisdom, some bring foreign concepts, and some bring unnoticed knowledge. Give your plans a minute to marinate on that and go have a chit-chat about your shit!

The day prior to the Full Moon Venus will oppose Uranus, which will ultimately bring some harmonious balance to a close connection.

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