• Hayley Nicole


The upcoming New Moon in Scorpio is out to shake up our intuitive side, friends! So be attentive to those hunches and listen to your inner vibes.

On October 28th at around 2:38pm (AEST) La Luna will begin dancing across the night sky and eventually come to face unpredictable Uranus.

With this added planetary influence, you can expect a few surprises here and there or even find ultimate freedom in the personal discoveries/breakthroughs you experience during this time.

Remember though, anything is possible with the erratic nature of Uranus in the air, it could be good and it could be crap.

Similarly, this Moon encourages us to embrace the intention-setting energy of the new cycle and delve deeper into our own personal journey of understanding ourselves.

This isn’t a time to follow the rules or sit on the “right thing” fence either, get in the dirt, dig up some shit and learn something profound about yourself.

Gain that authentic self-awareness, you glorious mess! Be your true self, even if it sets you apart.


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