• Hayley Nicole


Get ready for your social life to make like it’s on ‘roids, fam. The last Full Moon of the decade will be chilling in Gemini, throwing rowdy vibes all ‘round and shedding inquisitive light on the things that captivate our souls.

This is a wonderful time to pursue your interests, expand your knowledge, interact with other people and let your curiosity run wild.

However, with Neptune pulling a sneaky square to this moon there may be a flash of confusion, disruption and uncertainty in the air for some of you.

This planetary influence can be avoided by taking time in your endeavours rather than rushing through all the fun and missing important details.

● SYDNEY: December 12 at 4:12pm

● NEW YORK: December 12 at 12:12am

● LONDON: December 12 at 5:12am

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