• Hayley Nicole


Hang on to your hats, your emotions and well, your everything, trippers. We are leaving the decade with a final New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn and to be frank, this shit just might send us all a bit stupid.

Basically, we’re going to be dealing with a whole lot of weird-ass feelings, bizarre encounters and dramatic attitudes. Some shit’ll end and other shit will begin, but all in all this moon is out to support your growth and prepare you for a better future.

Which means it’s high time you clear any emotional baggage and cut the assholes out of your life that don’t support you on your path to your highest good.

This Moon doesn’t give a damn if you aren’t ready for some full-on change, it has Jupiter on its side who is straight up feeding our future potential and personal development.

Yeah it might suck, or hurt, or slap you in the feels; but do you really want to go into 2020 repeating the same fuckery of 2019?

Yeah nah, no thanks.

Get in tune with what you really want out of the next year and stick to your guns, fam. Try not to engage in any unnecessary drama, but do what you need to do with ease and grace.

Goodluck out there, homies x

  • Sydney – December 26 at 4:13pm

  • New York - December 26 at 12:13am

  • London - December 26 at 5:13am


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