• Hayley Nicole


Well if you weren’t ready to let go of the past beforehand, you sure as shit will be with Saturn and Pluto setting the table for the upcoming New Moon in Aquarius.

Set your intentions, get ready to embrace a new chapter and release those darned attachments that cause limitations to your abundance.

With Uranus forming a hectic angle to this Moon, new beginnings may require some much-needed compromise in order to gain momentum.

So keep an open mind when dealing with potential setbacks because opportunities can sprout from challenges too, ya know?

Mercury and Mars will have your back by bringing clarity to communication as well, so don’t shy away from negotiation. Get down and discuss!

SYDNEY: January 25th - 8:42am

NEW YORK: January 24th - 4:42pm

LONDON: January 24th - 5:42am


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