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Time to square up to the mysterious energy within your soul, fam. The creative instigator of our solar system known as Neptune is retrograde until November 29 and will be bringing the typical “sort your shit out” element to the forefront.

Named after god of the storms and seas (Poseidon), Neptune rules the metaphorical seas of our subconscious selves; inspiring our spirit to explore ideals, aspirations, compassion and even sacrifice for the greater good. Adding fuel to the fire of creative flair, Neptune also illuminates the emergence of hidden powers and processes within the arts, music, literature, dance, the whole imaginative enchilada.

So naturally, this planet in retrograde may have us swangin' on both sides of the lost in confusion AND magical wonder see-saw. The seas of our inner realms will be stirred and may leave some of us feeling a bit lost, self-pitying, neurotic, mislead and straight-up out of sorts.

You might even find yourself doing far-out shit like assuming the worst in people and situations. If any assumptions creep up in your brain during this time, get a handle on it! Assumptions are packed with uncertainty and will do nothin’ but stress you out, block your manifestation mindset and make you look like a jackass.

The key to moving beyond the negative trap of those feelings can be found through reassessing your circumstances, making necessary adjustments, increasing your empathy, identifying with diverse people and broadening your awareness as much as possible.

In a nutshell Neptune retrograde is all about remoulding your beliefs in order to gain a deeper and more profound understanding of ourselves and others.

Stay grounded in reality & go figure out what inspires you x

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