• Hayley Nicole


Landing in the blissful sign of Libra, the first Full Moon during Aries season will actively bring about all sorts of personal shifts partnered by some unexpected universal rewards. On top of the transformative jazz, this Moon aims to propel our focus towards the energy that fuels togetherness, peace, perspective and connection. When it comes to togetherness alongside the COVID-19 situation we currently find ourselves in; close companionship may seem like a thing of the past and serenity might sound like a joke. But when you look at it from a different angle, this moon is just another casual reminder for us to embrace a much broader perspective on the matter: One where we come out of this thing better than we did going into it...& on a global level. Which brings me to a fun fact: Did you know that isolation & solitude are both (very different-sounding) synonyms for the word peace? For some of you, your personal shift may involve working on the feeling of being comfortable in your own company before you are truly content.

And this is where the perspective part comes into play. When you see a silver lining through all the shit - even when it's super challenging - you're going to give way fewer fucks (where it counts) in life.

With Venus positioned in Gemini, inquisitive souls will go out-of-their-way to get lost in learning more things about new people in their life. And with Mars forming a happy link to that, you can bank on some heightened balance and compromise through it all!

SYDNEY: April 8 at around 12:35 pm

NEW YORK: April 7 at around 10:35 pm

LONDON: April 8 at around 3:35 am


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