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THEME Intense Emotions

OBSTACLE Handling it

SYDNEY April 27th

LONDON April 27th

NEW YORK April 26th

NATIVE NAME/S Pink Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Fish Moon, Hare Moon, Egg Moon and Paschal Moon.

Super Full Moon: 30% brighter & 6.9% bigger than a regular Full Moon due to its shit-shaped, circular orbit around Earth where it likes to scooch on in, all nice & close to us. Known to influence king tides, potentially throw your period off-course and up the emotional ante, big time.

The Super Full Moon in Scorpio is set to light up the sky like no other tomorrow night and illuminate those deep, dark emotions that nobody really likes to explore. And on top of that joyous ride, Pluto also goes into retrograde the very same day.

The intensity of emotional commotion this may stir is better navigated in a calm and uncluttered environment. A place you can comfortably embrace whatever is brought up and just be.

With Mars looming in Cancer during this time, it may be a little overwhelming to cop all at once and many of us may be confronted with sensitivity. However, with Venus and Mercury close enough to punch fists, heartfelt d&m's with a homie will be where it's at when it comes to handling it.

Just remember, there's really no need to lose the plot and take your shit out on other people if you don't like working through this part of yourself. Respect the journey, especially if it ain't your own.

Witches, get amongst that water magic - she's a potent one.

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