• Hayley Nicole


Under the influence of Capricorn, the upcoming Full Moon Eclipse marks the conclusion of a 2-year chapter or era in our lives. It's time to clean up whatever mess your ass made, resolve any lingering issues and take care of those loose ends before you go gallivanting off on some new shit.

Why? Because the mac-daddy of the Solar System (Saturn) is in Capricorn, and it would downright suck to embark on a new adventure with emotional baggage.

Clearing and releasing these dank, energetic frequencies will make way for a blissful re-birth and restore your personal power. A significant goal, wish or long-lost dream will be highlighted during this phase and may have you mapping out a gameplan towards accomplishing it.

Many of you will come out of this with a new understanding of worth and see that you're truly richer than you thought (& in a myriad of ways). Busy-times and big-changes await! Warm up to that thought <3

Don't put your crystals under this moon, eclipses generate erratic energy

SYDNEY: July 5 at around 2:44 pm

LONDON: July 5 at around 12:44 am

NEW YORK: July 5 at around 5:44 am

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