• Hayley Nicole


Be ready to get the flip out of your own way and align with your soul's true purpose, amigos! Because the incoming Sagittarian Full Moon Eclipse is going to flog us with a divine wake-up call in the form of unanticipated realisations about ourselves until we do.

Basically, it's time to break it on down and figure out what really matters to you, without bullshitting yourself or trying to impress anyone. And at the same time, deal with the dramatic switch-a-roo this Moon aims to pull on your internal compass. (Which ain't bad for most, but will be foreign territory for any un-woke folks out there.)

As your priorities shift from physical to spiritual, you may find yourself craving a more conscious existence. With Jupiter edging towards Pluto, letting go of limiting beliefs and releasing past trauma will pave the path of growth and opportunity for your soul to spread its wings!

P.s. Don't put your crystals underneath this moon! - Eclipse energy can be erratic.

SYDNEY: June 6th at around 5:12 am

NEW YORK: June 5th at around 3:12 pm

LONDON: June 5th at around 8:12 pm

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