• Hayley Nicole


◇ SYDNEY: Nov 30 at around 8:29 pm

◇ NEW YORK: Nov 30 at around 4:29 am

◇ LONDON: Nov 30 at around 9:29 am

Ever heard of a star called Alderbaran? Yeh, nah, nope? Me either, but it turns out this Full Moon Eclipse lands in the neighboring space-country of it.

Aldebaran is one is the brightest treasures of the celestial skies and is highly regarded for its connection with all things prosperous, fortunate and filled with luck!

So guess the hell what?! If you play your cards right, this moon might give up a lil' secret to securing personal success. And this secret may lie in the arms of making new connections, being a social butterfly and engaging in all sorts of wayward chit-chat. Get a bit loose!

Intuition will be at an all time high with Mercury chillin' in Scorpio, so don't be surprised if you need a hot second to figure something or someone out. There'll be a whole bunch of all sorts of energy being picked up and thrown around out there - and if you haven't noticed yet, that fun has already begun.

Don't brush people or ideas off due to the occasional wack eccentricities in the air. Someone is probably wigging out about you & your weird shit too. Give it a minute.

On the magical front, Full Moon's are not necessarily the best time for intention setting and Eclipses are known to generate errartic energy, so it isn't recommended to re-charge crystals under them. However with Alderbaran up there doing it's thing & this being a fairly chill Moon, it honestly wouldn't be the worst if you did.

All in all, this is defiantly the kind of Full Moon where it's pretty alright to go out & get amongst all of the everyone. Weirdly.


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