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Bringing some much-needed earthy & grounding energy to the forefront, the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo highlights the need to revitalize our routines and release expectations.

It's time to open that third eye to how you roll in your everyday life and really hone in on your intuitive nudges. Profound messages have the potential to be unearthed in the depths of trusting your gut during this phase.

Being alongside the most systematic sign in the biz - this moon encourages us to make like a Virgo and establish a new order or balance in our work life, our routines, our feelings and our habits. You'll most likely find yourself drawn to the areas of your life that feel like a mess, are somewhat chaotic or even completely out-of-wack.

But juuust don't get it fucked up and make like a control freak about it - you don't want to cook all your efforts with any pesky presumptions. Assuming that everything should fall together according to your expectations is like shooting yourself in the foot, twice.

That kind of mindset in itself will basically shit on any spontaneous blessings destined to fall in your lap. And on top of that, it's the year of change! Things are gonna roll every which way, whether you like it or not. (& I can tell you right now it won't be cute if you choose the path of resistance).

So by all means, refresh whatever you need to but steer clear of micro-managing. Sort yourself out to embrace all of the potentials at your fullest, most organized capacity.


THEME Choices

OBSTACLE Expectations

SYDNEY February 27th

LONDON February 27th

NEW YORK February 27th

HISTORICALLY KNOWN AS Snow Moon, Hunger Moon and Storm Moon.

WITCHY TIPS Being under the influence of Virgo, this Full Moon is all about encompassing those deep earthy rituals. Soak up some nature & go lay in a forest, chill in a park or let your feet sink in the sand at the beach. This is also a pretty good time to plant some seeds - of the metaphorical and the literal varieties.

During a Full Moon soil tends to hold water like a cradle for seeds to easily absorb and germinate without a fuss. So it's a pretty good time for planting some magic along with it! For instance, if you decide to do some money magic and plant the spell remnants or intentions underneath some seeds or even in an existing pot plant you'll be boosting the spell with the energy of what plants do best - grow!

And in turn, the plant's progression and health will be an indication of how your finances are going. Healthy and growing - your abundance will increase with it. If it gets any diseases or pests - someone may be pissing in your pocket & telling you it's raining. Starting to die - get your spending habits in check. (p.s. don't bury or plant anything that isn't biodegradable - for so many reasons outside of pissing mother nature off). X

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