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Updated: May 8, 2020

So uh, without sugar-coating it, the upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio is gonna jack the world up for like, 3 damn days. With the OG sign of deep emotion and intense everything leading the way, this Moon aims to awaken those stagnant, buried feelings from the depths of our soul and once again, stir 'em to the surface. Specifically, the ones that we chose to avoid and not work out because it felt too shit to see through.

The emotional exhaustion is gonna be pretty real, so don't be surprised if you find yourself in hermit mode, super sleepy or short-tempered when it all sinks in.

It'll be a hell of a distraction for your headspace and even more so for your heart.

With Mars chillin' in Aquarius, finding a solution when it comes to matters of the heart + mind won't be easy. While any tension surrounding either a personal or professional partnership will prompt the need for compromise and communication.

As frustrating as this moon may be, it's all kinda necessary to work out for your inner growth and personal harmony to bloom. Not to mention prepare you for the incoming blessings and lessons that the future has in store. Think of it as a custom consciousness shift, one where you have to sift through the shit and get punched in the heart first.

Good luck y'all

SYDNEY: May 7th - 8:45 pm

NEW YORK: May 7th - 6:45 pm

LONDON: May 7th - 11:45 pm

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