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THEME Goal bowling

OBSTACLE Imaginary Shit-shows

SYDNEY January 29th

LONDON January 28th

NEW YORK January 28th

HISTORICALLY KNOWN AS The Wolf Moon, Ice Moon, Snow Moon or the Moon after Yule.

With high-spirited Leo navigating the celestial seas-of-space for this Full Moon, you can be sure that good things will come of recognizing your potential and making risky moves towards achieving your goals.

Travelling through a sign of such fire & sunshine, this Moon holds an optimistic quality about it: reminding us to trust in the process and more importantly, understand the influence of our own personal power.

As fortune-filled Jupiter teams up with Full Moon ruler - the Sun, there'll be an uplifting energy of inspired motivation and faith in yourself. But none of that will mean shit unless you pull out the positive perception big-guns and stop fuckin' around with make-believe outcomes in your head.

Letting your mind wander around like some kind of elaborate scene from "The Bold & The Beautiful," or imagining 50 different ways you might get what you set out to achieve will just mentally shit on all of your physical efforts. It's like putting 50 wet-blankets of wrong directions in the way of manifesting your dreams and will literally limit your chances of success.

So stay out of your head with that mess. Just focus on the task at hand, work towards it, then sit back & bank on it - without a single doubt, worry or mental soap opera popping off in yer brain. (Key phrase - "bank on it")

WITCHY TIPS With this Moon being in the energy of a fire sign, getting amongst some basic elemental magic is where you might wanna start when throwing homage.

Burn some shiiit. (safely, y'know)

& if you don't feel like going all out with the magic whatever-whatever, you can just light a friggen candle in the moon's honor & chill, it'll be sweet.

You're clever, you already know what you needa do.



◇ recognize your potential

◇ trust the fire in your belly

◇ make decisions

◇ flirt with fire magic


◇ let your subconscious go Jumanji

◇ put pressure on yourself to do do do

◇ be stupid with fire

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