• Hayley Nicole


With the compelling influence of Virgo guiding us through this Full Moon, many of you may find yourselves trigger-happy with the excitement of making some big swings in life.

Some of y'all might even say that you have so many possibilities and ideas to swing-big with, that you have no idea what the fuck you're gonna do with any of 'em.

Or in other words: you may go through a bit of analysis paralysis, the spice to Virgo's sometimes-sauce.

Usually, Full Moons are a glorious time to embrace decisive moments and take a new direction in life. However, with this Moon and everything else that's going on in the celestial skies, (bye Mercury Retrograde / Whatup shadow season) it ain't the case for this one.

Really, you should always go over the details of every different option or project before setting any shit in stone. And this Full Moon offers you the chance to do just that alongside the most systematic sign in the biz!

So let your analytical side run wild and calculate the pros and cons of any life-altering decisions you may be considering. It'll help you decipher the best course of action to take surrounding the unfamiliar territory of change itself.

The right time to embark on a new journey is just around the corner, my sweets! With a little perseverance, you'll be at it before you know it!


SYDNEY: March 10th at 4:47 am

NEW YORK: March 9th at 1:47 pm

LONDON: March 9th at 5:47 pm

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