• Hayley Nicole


◇ SYDNEY: Nov 1 at around 1:49 am

◇ NEW YORK: Oct 31 at around 10:49 am

◇ LONDON: Oct 31 at around 2:49 pm

Welcoming Scorpio season with grounding stability we have a Full Moon in Taurus reminding us to slow our asses downnn.

And to punch that into us, the unpredictable soul of the solar system known as Uranus will be turning our metaphorical world's upside-down until we do.

If you choose the path of no-chill you can expect irritable mood swings, plans that just go to shit and a ridiculous need for a bit of peace (to the point where even that'll piss you off, achieving nada).

Whereas choosing to chill will avoid all that noise, restore your inner strength and bring and all-round balance to your being.

Whether you want to be a shitshow or a showstopper is on you.

Chill or be chilled.


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