• Hayley Nicole


◇ SYDNEY: Oct 2 at around 7:05 am

◇ LONDON: Oct 1 at around 5:05 pm

◇ NEW YORK: Oct1 at around 10:05 pm

With a Full Moon in Aries to illuminate the beginnings of Libra season, there'll be a certain sweetness surrounding solitude that even the most sociable of souls won't be able to resist.

This phase is all about aligning with your independence, embracing inner truth and turning focus towards your individual aspirations.

With full moon ruler, Mars also in retrograde some may take your intentions in this regard the wrong way. Perhaps even to the point of trying to make you feel like shit for taking the time to work yo'self out. Which I put down to immaturity more than planetary influence, but I'll let y'all decide for yourselves.

Don't let it bum you out or block your progress - they're no good if they're pulling that jazz anyway.

In doing this you'll begin to notice how much you've evolved over time. Touch base with what sets your soul on fire again and change that which drains your energy or leaves you feeling depleted. Whether it be habits, hobbies or homies.

Stick with the things that motivate you to succeed and those who cheer you on.

Happy Libra season y'all 💗

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