• Hayley Nicole


Updated: May 8

Jupiter, the planet of abundant fortune, optimism and confidence is the last to jump on the Retrograde train this month, commencing on the 14th of May and stretching through until the 13th of September. Now I know many of you may think this means everything that this planet rules will undecidedly shit the bed, HOWEVER, Jupiter Retrograde is relatively different to the hot mess that other planets lay on us during their reverse cycles.

Jupiter is larger than life, she inspires us to go big, get at it and truly live up to our fullest potential. Expansion will be prominent for every aspect of your life and opportunities will open up all over the shop. The overall theme for this particular planetary affair is movement, flow, inward reflection and spiritual development.

This Retrograde is perfect for sitting down and looking back at all of your accomplishments thus far with a grateful heart. Give yourself the time and space to mentally catch up to your energy. Doing this will help you see the silver lining to every obstacle you’ve overcome in life and help you appreciate the lesson it has thrown your way. Don’t get too caught up or dwell on the hard shit you’ve experienced, stay present. Reflection reminds us that even though some things might not pan out as we expected, in the end, it’ll work out better than we could ever imagine.

Jupiter Retrograde is also a positive time to get out of your comfort zone & openly identify what has been blocking your energy and growth. Refine those priorities of yours and review your inner hopes, dreams, aspirations and plans. Remember to stay in the present moment instead of trying to jump 10 steps ahead of yourself, focus on what you are trying to achieve NOW.

See? Not that bad huh?

Yay Jupiter!



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